Social Media

Social Media has become the hottest trend over the last 5 years all over the world. It allows people to track and follow friends, family and things that they like. We have incorporated the same idea into the Elite Football Network.

Every Player Profile including Basic and Premium will have a button called “Track Me” on the athlete’s page. This button is designed for college coaches to click if they would like to track and follow an athlete on the network. This profile will then be filtered into that college coaches personal page until they decide to no longer follow that athlete.

If an athlete has signed up for a Premium Profile the news articles and video links added will automatically send that college coach an alert or notification to their email and mobile device. All other updates will also notify that particular coach. This helps colleges to recruit any city, state, position, grade, and from any level including high school, Juco and Prep Schools. This also provides athletes a new and innovative way to handle the recruiting process.