Camp Format

Offensive Line Drills & Technique Training

  • Stance and Footwork
  • Hand Placement
  • Overcoming a Late Set
  • Getting Bull Rushed
  • Timing of your Kick and Punch
  • Run and Pass Block

Defensive Line Drills & Technique Training

  • Stance    
  • Get Offs
  • Effectively Using Your Hands
  • Strong Attack
  • Pass Rush Moves
  • and more

"Best of the Best"

1-on-1 Competitions

 The Elite Big Man Football Camps are known for the “Best of the Best” Competition at the end of camp. Throughout the day our staff is identifying the top players in attendance. These top players will be called out to compete against each other to see who are the best at their position. Awards will be passed out at the end of camp and will be recognized on