Summit two-way star Cam McCormick talks NSD

By EFN Staff
Published: 02/10/2015

National Signing Day for college football recruiting is the summation of a months’ long journey for fans, coaches, and perspective players. While the focus is primarily on a given year’s senior class great attention is also given to underclassmen by college coaches combing various areas to mine needed gridiron talent for future classes. One of those gems in the near future will be Class of 2016 tight end/defensive end Cam McCormick.

The Summit High School star, listed at 6’5”, 225 pounds, already has offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Washington, Oregon, Oregon State, Montana State, and Boise State with programs like Colorado, among others, giving heavy looks. 

The Storm went 7-3 in 2014 with McCormick earning First-Team All-State honors at tight end and Second-Team All-State honors at defensive end/outside linebacker. Under the guidance of former New York Giants tight end Kevin Boss and 1993 No. 1 overall NFL Draft pick Drew Bledsoe, one can image McCormick receiving all the tools needed for success at the high school level before heading off to the college ranks.

One year away from being a prized piece to a recruiting class, McCormick answered a couple of questions about his thoughts and impressions of National Signing Day 2015.

Cam, what impressed you the most about schools showing interest in you on NSD?

“I am most impressed with the emphasis the schools are placing on academics. I thought they would be all about football, but it seems they are placing a heavier emphasis on me as a person. They all have a great interest in developing me not only as an athlete, but building life skills I can take with me into the future. As one college stated, focusing on Plan B (football) for as long and far as it will take me, but working even harder on Plan A.

I am also impressed with the extensive research the colleges perform prior to extending an offer. They all want to make sure they are offering the right guys, and are trying to make the best fit possible for their respective program. Personally, I feel much better receiving an offer from a school I know did their research, than a school who is just trying to jump on the band wagon. It shows the school is genuinely interested.”

Were there any other schools that impressed you with the class that they signed in 2015? If so, which schools and how?

“Although I did not have a lot of time to follow many schools, I do know the Ducks did quite well with their 2015 recruiting class. They signed individuals who will increase their chances of earning a national title. I also believe they were in the Top 15 from a talent perspective. I think it speaks volumes about the school/program/coaches due primarily to their location – most recruits come from out of state. It’s more difficult to recruit non-local athletes than it is to recruit local talent.”

Did National Signing Day inspire you in anyway? If so, how and in what way?

“National Signing Day was a huge inspiration for me! Watching all the athletes’ dreams become reality motivates me to work that much harder. I think NSD made it more real to me. The countdown has now started for my graduating class, and I couldn’t be more excited!”

Did anything about NSD change how you feel about the recruiting process good or bad?

“I think it just got me more excited for my graduating class to experience it.”

Is there anything about the recruiting process that you would like see changed? If so, what and how would you change it?

“As more and more athletes are being offered scholarships earlier and earlier, I would like to see the rules around official visits change. As a junior being recruited, I obviously want to find out as much as I can about each college to make an educated decision. Before I make that decision, I want to visit each campus, speak to the coaches in person, and meet with current players on the roster.

“How the process is currently structured, my family has to incur the costs of all those visits, which is very expensive. If the rules changed, the colleges could help offset some of those expenses making it affordable. I want to make my decision prior to my senior year, so I can remain focused on my season and graduation. By doing this, I forfeit my five official visits, because I wouldn’t officially visit a school other than the one to which I am committed. If I wait until senior year to commit, I risk the chance of someone else taking my scholarship.

“I also feel the coaches should be able to reach out to the athlete and/or his/her family. It makes it difficult to communicate and really find out if a college is the right fit with all the regulations currently in place.”

Have you started recruiting other players currently uncommitted to join you in 2016? If so, who and how are you recruiting them? What’s your pitch?

“Once I make my own decision, I will probably connect with others who remain uncommitted. At this point, it’s hard to be convincing when I haven’t reached a decision myself.”

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Photo credit: bendbulletin.com; No. 84 Cam McCormick.