Oregon Class of 2016 commitment Brady Breeze on NSD

By EFN Staff
Published: 02/10/2015

The recruiting process for some high school players may span over parts of three seasons ending on the first Wednesday in February during their senior season. For others, knowing early on where they want to play college ball and being lucky enough to get that offer trims the fat from a lot of wasted phone calls, emails, coaches’ visits, unofficial visits, and official visits.

The “easy” recruiting life is such for Class of 2016 two-way star Brady Breeze.

The 6’1”, 200 pound, safety, wide receiver and part-time running back committed to the Oregon Ducks early. So early he was the first onboard for the 2016 recruiting class nearly a year and half ahead of his signing day. His commitment has not stopped other high profile teams like Alabama to come around gauging interest not at safety like the Ducks want him but at wide receiver.

The Central Catholic star reflected on National Signing Day from an underclassman’s perspective offering insight to how at least one top recruit viewed high school and college footballs yearly merger.

Brady, what impressed you the most about the class Oregon just signed?

“The new signing class was one of the best they've had. It was cool to see some of the guys that I'll be playing with in 2016.”

Were there any other schools that impressed you with the class that they signed in 2015? If so, which school and why?

“The class that is always impressive is Alabama’s. They always put so many guys in the NFL and it's always interesting to see some 5-star recruits go there and then see them playing in the NFL.”

Did National Signing Day inspire you in anyway? If so, how and in what way?

“Signing day was definitely inspiring knowing that I'm going to be signing my letter in front of people too. I just need to work harder so when I get to college I have no regrets about not working hard enough or being a good enough student.

“NSD definitely makes me want to appreciate everything I have and continue to inspire other people to work hard. I'm just really grateful for the scholarships I have and I definitely need to make the best of it and show Oregon what I have to give to make them a better team.”

Is there anything about the recruiting process that you would like see changed? If so, what and how would you change it?

“If I could change anything about recruiting I would probably change some of the rules where coaches should be able to text kids instead of only emailing them. I just wish the NCAA wasn't so strict about some of the smallest things of recruiting. Coaches should be able to call players, not only players being able to contact the coaches.”

Have you started recruiting other players currently uncommitted to join you in 2016? If so, who and how are you recruiting them? What’s your pitch?

“I've actually tried to get Taylor Rapp from the state of Washington (Sehome High School, Bellingham) and La'Mar Winston who goes to Central Catholic with me to try and be a Duck. Whenever I talk to them about Oregon I always bring up the coaches and of course the unis (laughing).

Oregon has an unbelievable coaching staff that treats their players with so much respect and makes them have a great college experience. Their unis are also some of the best in the whole country that keeps everyone wondering what is next and what colors they're gonna mix.”

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Photo credit:oregonlive.com; No. 7 Brady Breeze