Rocky Lombardi – Class of 2017’s Brightest Quarterback Prospect

Published: 03/24/2014

Change can be hard but with a positive attitude and a relentless work ethic, great things can happen. Just ask Rocky Lombardi. He and his family moved from Cedar Rapids to Des Moines last fall under some less than positive circumstances.Just months earlier, Rocky was in a great position to be the starting quarterback for the Cedar Rapids Washington Warriors as a freshman for his dad, then Head Football Coach, Tony Lombardi. Unfortunately things didn’t work out. After more than a year of constant turmoil, Tony Lombardi reluctantly stepped down as the head coach and walked away from a job and school he dearly loved.Yes change can be difficult. Rocky had a lot of reasons to feel extremely negative about leaving his home for the last seven years of his life. Leaving all his friends was hard, but most of all, he lost the chance to play football for his dad. Tough circumstances for anyone. But those who know Rocky well, knew he had the character and mental toughness to adjust, adapt and succeed.

The 6’3” 195lb freshman enrolled at West Des Moines Valley and immediately made a positive impact on one of the top football programs in Iowa. Lombardi embraced new coaches, teammates and a new offensive system. He quickly earned the job as the starting sophomore quarterback. Lombardi was able to fight through the adversity and established himself as a great student and player. This shows tremendous character that will definitely help the young QB as he progresses to varsity football and beyond.

Lombardi proceeded to have a spectacular season leading his team to an 8-1 record. While his statistics were not immediately available, one can watch his impressive highlight tape and see Rocky is on track to be one of the best QB prospects in the country. Yes I said it. I believe Rocky will be one of the best QB recruits in his class not only in the state of Iowa, but across the entire nation.

George Yarberry, President of Elite Football Network, recently watched Rocky’s highlight tape and shared the following thoughts:
“EFN normally would not write about athletes that have not played a significant amount of varsity football, but Rocky Lombardi is special. Over the last 12 years I have covered a lot of great high school quarterbacks. Lombardi has all the tools to be one of the best in the country. He is a 2017 recruit with a strong arm, good mechanics and unlimited potential. It will be fun to watch him develop over the next few years.”

When asked about his strengths, Rocky demonstrated his high football IQ by going into detail about specific mechanics and reads he wants to improve upon. Anyone that watches his film will see a strong armed, extremely accurate passer that stays in the pocket, but is not afraid to run and improvise. He’s very good at reading defenses and checking down his receivers. He’s also very adept at making the first guy miss and extending plays. Rocky throws on balance with good mechanics. He has excellent touch and anticipation. He is also extremely good at ball placement and throwing receivers open. All of which are very impressive traits for such a young quarterback.

Rocky has few weaknesses’ to address at this time except the need to continue to improve his overall athleticism. This will no doubt happen as he continues to mature physically. It’s also important to note Rocky excels at baseball, wrestling and track. He was a starter last summer for the Warrior baseball team as an 8th grader and recently qualified for the state wrestling meet as a freshman. He also expects to compete for a starting spot on the varsity baseball team this summer. College coaches will love the fact Lombardi’s academic performance in the class room is just as good as his athletic performance. He has consistently maintained at high GPA and doesn’t shy away from taking challenging courses.

Rocky Lombardi has an extremely bright future with the talent to be one on the most sought after Quarterbacks in the country in 2017. EFN will watch him closely as he begins his first season as a varsity quarterback and provide updated stats, analysis and results as they become available.
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