CHS OC/DT Luc Bequette gives honest thoughts on NSD

By EFN Staff
Published: 02/10/2015

National Signing Day has become an event for college football over the last decade. The first Wednesday in every February is a rare day when college coaches, high school players, and fans alike can all come together in a common cause – hope for the future.

Hope for the future for one Arkansas Razorback legacy was diminished in sorts as NSD came and went without an offer from the Hogs. Catholic High School center/defensive tackle Luc Bequette was set to follow in his grandfather George’s shoes (1954-1956), along with his father Chris (1984-1987), his uncle Jay (1980-1982), and his cousin Jake (2007-2011) if only an offer had come his way.

Bequette was mentally prepared for months understanding what may happen on NSD, and ultimately did happen. One can understand how the heart and mind can be split between hope and opportunity, family tradition and reality.

Not all was lost in the recruiting process for Bequette. He committed to Cal in early August of 2014 and picked up offers from Louisiana-Monroe, Memphis, Navy, Air Force, Army, and Vanderbilt with the Florida Gators inviting the Little Rock area native to Gainesville for an official visit the last weekend of the recruiting season.

A new sense of excitement over the future has already begun to set in, excitement that comes through when Luc talks about giving his heart and soul to a new football program – the California Golden Bears.

Once the emotions of the day subsided, Bequette took time to answer a few questions about NSD opening up for a candid interview about his recruiting process and the tough choices some recruits have to make about their collegiate careers.

Luc, when National Signing Day finally came, what thoughts and emotions went through your head leading up to the moment you signed your LOI?

“I’m not going to lie, I was kind of hoping on an Arkansas offer up until the last day. I would have flipped too. The Cal coaches knew that and understood that with my family's history at Arkansas knowing that it meant a lot to me. That didn't happen though, so it was a little sad realizing that you’ve grown up a Hog fan for so long and that it's over.

“My wardrobe feels pretty barren now, (laughing) so I need to get some Cal gear! Even though I’m saddened by not getting the Arkansas offer I could not be happier to be heading to Cal and joining my new teammates. My history teacher loves northern California so we talk about Cal everyday. I can’t wait to get there!”

When you finally signed your LOI and faxed it in, describe how you felt at that moment.

“When I signed it and faxed it, it was honestly a large mix of a little bit of sadness, knowing the possibility of going to Arkansas is over, and relief that the recruiting process is finally done with for me. From a self standpoint, and also because I love that stuff and follow it very closely, it was kind of addicting for me (laughing). I’m also very happy that my hard work paid off and that I am so blessed to have been offered by an outstanding academic school like Cal. Knowing that I will be able to compete at the highest level of college football at a Power 5 Conference and to go to a very pretty area like northern California is great.”

Did any schools make a last ditch effort to flip you? If so, who?

“Honestly not really. A lot of people thought I was choosing between Cal and Florida, but in reality, my film literally came across their desk about a week before my official visit there. They asked me to come on a visit because they wanted to see me in person, but they received a couple offensive line commits during the visit so there really wasn't a need to offer me.

“If Florida had offered I most likely would have stuck with Cal anyways. I have always loved defensive line better and that is what Cal wants me for. Also I believe it was too late in the recruiting process to flip.

Arkansas would have been the only school that I would have flipped to that late probably. I just felt like it was the right thing to take a visit to UF. It would've been pretty cool though to play in front of 90,000 in the Swamp, but in the end I think I would have stayed true to Cal.”

Looking at the class that was signed, how do you feel about your fellow signees?

“I think that we have an outstanding class this year for 2015. We definitely finished the last couple of weeks strong by landing like three four-star guys. But I think the big thing about this class is that we will be very close to each other and that we all feel that we were “overlooked” players who were not ranked very high. We all seem hungry to work our butts off and prove everybody wrong. I think that that is the biggest game changer in our signing class. We can’t wait to get out there.”

Which players are you eager to meet and eager to practice against?

“I am eager to meet everybody and see how we all fit in with each other. Only two of our high school signees are enrolled early, so it will be a new experience for all of us that we will experience it together as a freshmen class.”

Do you know who will be your roommate when you get to campus and have you already started making plans with you will be bringing to your dorm room?

“First, I have no idea who my roommate will be and second, I have no worldly clue on what I am expected to bring to college (laughing). I know that at Cal the dorms are incredible. There are four people to a dorm and there are two separate rooms from the main one that we will sleep in. Those are about the regular size of normal dorms. But there is a living room, kitchen, free wifi, free cable, AND...... free maid service (laughing). That is one of the best parts. I know we will eventually get a TV, probably an Xbox or Playstation, or something like that. Hopefully they will come out with a new NCAA game so we can play as ourselves in the game (laughing).

When do you report to campus?

“I believe we report early or mid June or something like that. I may be completely wrong on that though.”

When do you get a playbook to start going all the new materials you’ll have to commit to memory before summer camp?

“I have not received a playbook yet and I’m not sure if we get one. I have no clue what we do and what the next steps we take after NSD are. My dad and I are planning on going out there to watch a spring practice or two during spring break.”

Has the school given you a workout or dietary plan to implement before getting to campus?

“They have and I’m eager to follow the plan to see the end results.”

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Photo credit: John Neiman; No. 73 Luc Bequette.