Bryce Veasley: Something Special

By Jacob Wakai
EFN Staff
Published: 06/23/2017

The quarterback is the most important position in football. It’s cliché to say, but also true, especially at the high school level. A good quarterback can make a team diverse offensively, allowing them to score more points, and take pressure off their defense. They can elevate a team from being good to something truly special.

West Bloomfield believes they have just that in 2018 QB Bryce Veasley. As the starter last season, Veasley threw for 2,515 yards and 22 touchdowns. He also ran for 260 yards and 4 touchdowns. At 6’4 230-pounds, he is a big-bodied quarterback that is tough to bring down, but is also athletic enough to move in and out of the pocket. He has a strong arm and enough accuracy to make every throw on the field.

West Bloomfield’s head coach and former University of Michigan wide receiver Ron Bellamy thinks Veasley has all the physical tools of a great quarterback.

“Bryce has the arm talent to make all the throws, and has good timing on his throws,” said Bellamy. “What surprises some people is that he’s a pretty good athlete for a bigger quarterback, and he is able to throw on the run and be effective in the run game.

Over the last two years, Bellamy has seen a tremendous amount of growth from Veasley. What impresses him most though is Veasley’s increased knowledge of the game.

“We have seen him grow a lot as a football player, but what has come a long way is his understanding of the game,” said Bellamy. “He is able to fully understand game plans and think the game on the field.”

Veasley’s production on the field and growth as a player has also impressed college coaches. Veasley has received multiple offers from Division I programs and has recently committed to Bowling Green State University. Bellamy thinks it will be a great fit and that the work they are doing this offseason will help Veasley succeed at the next level.

“Bryce’s talent translates well into any system,” said Bellamy. “This coming season we will be adding some under center packages to our base shotgun spread. There is some different footwork involved, but he has done it before. It will no doubt make him a more well-rounded quarterback in college.”

One area that Bellamy expects Veasley to continue to grow this season is his leadership on the field.

“A QB is always a leader on the field, but last season we had a couple of great senior leaders out there with him,” said Bellamy. “This year he will have to be THE leader on the field and take command and control what is going on out there.”

This season, Veasley will have command and control over an extremely talented group of offensive weapons. WR Taj Mustapha, WR AJ Abbott, and TE James Faulkner—all of whom hold Division I offers—will be on the receiving end of Veasley’s passes, and Bellamy is excited about the possibilities.

“We will have weapons to work with on offense,” said Bellamy. “And we think that if we work hard enough in the summer, and players do what they are capable of, we will be able to score some points.”

West Bloomfield has had a tremendous amount of success the past three seasons: having two 9-win seasons, winning the OAA Red in 2015, and averaging nearly 34 points per game. But, this may be the year they finally break through and make some noise in the post-season. With Veasley leading what should be one of the most explosive offenses in the state of Michigan, the Lakers could be in store for something special. Veasley will be a must-watch this coming fall.