Lawrence Reeves: Checking All the Boxes

By Jacob Wakai
EFN Staff
Published: 05/25/2017

When trying to determine whether a high school player can play at the next level, there are three areas that college coaches will look at: grades, measurables, and on-field production. They are the three boxes a player must check before receiving a college offer. Having one without the others makes it difficult for coaches to feel comfortable offering a player a spot on their team. However, that's not something coaches will have to worry about with Brother Rice’s defensive back Lawrence Reeves. He not only checks all three of these boxes, but does so with flying colors.

Let’s start with grades. Coaches often won’t even look at a player if they don't meet their college’s and NCAA academic requirements. Reeves has exceeded any possible requirements he would need to play in college, having earned a 3.9 GPA throughout his time at Brother Rice, one of the more academically challenging schools in the state of Michigan. He also regularly takes and succeeds in AP classes.

“I like to challenge myself so I am currently taking AP Calculus. I've worked hard to achieve an A in that class” said Reeves. “Depending on what school I attend, I plan to major in Business or Pre-Medicine.”

It's clear Reeves has his priorities straight and has all his work in the classroom taken care of. Grades, check.

Next is measurables. A coach can teach a player form or technique, but they can’t teach size and athleticism. At 6’0 190-pounds, Reeves has the ideal size to play defensive back at the next level. He also has elite athleticism, running a 4.62 40-yard dash, a 4.09 20-yard shuttle, and posting a 37-inch vertical jump at the Nike Opening camp this year. This placed him in the 99th percentile of all athletes tested in his class, and Reeves thinks this gives him an advantage on the football field.  

“My major strengths as a player are my size and my athleticism,” said Reeves.

So measurables, check.

Finally, on-field production. Last season, Reeves racked up 33 tackles, 6 of which were for a loss, and 7 pass breakups. On tape, his athleticism shines through. He shows a natural quickness and fluidity in his movements, allowing him to smoothly change directions and shadow a receiver on a route. Reeves also is a willing and capable contributor in run support, more than able to bring down the ball carrier in space. He has also shown the speed and the effort needed to chase down a play from the opposite side of the field.

It might be easy to tell at this point, but on-field production, check.

Reeves checks every box a coach is looking for in a potential recruit and colleges have started to take notice. He is currently being recruited by Toledo, Navy, Air Force, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Colgate, Fordham, and Youngstown State. This summer, Reeves plans to attend several college camps on the east coast to continue to gain exposure.

Reeves has spent this offseason working to get better in preparation for the college camps and the upcoming season.

“This offseason I’ve really been working on my press coverage technique along with my off-man,” said Reeves. “My goals for the upcoming season are to win a State Championship and, individually, return multiple interceptions for touchdowns.”

Another season like he had last year will only increase Reeve’s value in the eyes of coaches and add another check to his already impressive high school football resume. He is a player to watch this coming fall.