"The biggest mistake in the football recruiting process is letting a 15, 16, or 17-year old kid make their own HUDL highlight video."

The most important part of the football recruiting process is the athlete’s highlight video. With this in mind, players have one shot to impress a college coaching staff and prove to them they are the right prospect for the program.

What Will You Learn From Reading This Football Recruiting Guide?

  • Why Video is the #1 Part of the Recruiting Process
  • A Proven Strategy to Make the Perfect Highlight Video
  • Things to Keep In Mind Before You Make Your Video​
  • Recruiting Myth: How Long Should Your Video Be?​
  • Recruiting Myth: Highlight Video vs Game Video
  • Mindset of An Athlete
  • Learn how to break down and edit your film
  • How to Tag, Trim, and Add Athlete Indicators to Each Clip​
  • How to Chart, Grade, and Organize Your Video Clips​
  • Sample Video Scripts For Every Position Group​
  • Sample Video Scripts For Two-Way Players
  • Player Profile Checklist
  • Stats and Numbers To Make the Perfect Video
  • Checklist for Finishing Touches

“Too many high school football players are shooting themselves in the foot with the way they are putting their videos together. They unknowingly have highlight clips on their reel that show weaknesses and their clips are poorly organized. Our 48-page Recruiting Guide E-Book is designed to help high school football players make the perfect highlight video to present to college coaches. I have made thousands of highlight videos over the last 20+ years for some of the top high school football players in the country. In my E-Book, I share video strategies, tips, pointers, checklists, positional scripts, and insight in putting together your video. (See my Table of Contents) The knowledge, experience, and information I share will help guide high school football players through this process. Having a highlight video put together correctly increases their chances of receiving a scholarship offer and improves their recruiting position.”

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